Molten pool detection system

Xinhe molten pool monitoring and detection systemV2.0

The molten pool monitoring and detection system independently developed by Xinhe Technology accurately observes the position of the welding wire and the melting state of the molten pool during the welding process.

Real-time detection of current, voltage, weld bead thickness, penetration depth, penetration width and other status on the software interface. This enables timely adjustment of the connection parameters. Greatly improve welding quality and improve welding production efficiency. Visualize the molten pool and weld bead. The molten pool monitoring system not only solves the problem of difficult observation and monitoring of welding equipment, but also improves the reliability of the welding system. Suitable for any automated welding equipment, high compatibility. This greatly improves the welding observation environment, which not only saves manpower, but also improves the quality and quality of welding.

Performance characteristics:

1.Display the current, voltage, weld bead thickness, penetration depth and penetration width status in real time.

2.It can be deeply learned and secondary developed through host computer software.

3.Built-in large-capacity frame buffer, stable and reliable real-time transmission.

4.Small size, easy installation.

5.Implement image pre-processing analysis.

Structural features:

●POE interface;

●Internal insulation;

●Water cooling and heat dissipation;

●Motorized focusing;

●Built-in light source;

●Interchangeable lens protectors.

It has functions such as remote programming, support secondary development, lens coarse and fine adjustment, and video recording and playback.

Technical parameters:

Effective resolution:800*600

Installation distance:200-300mm


Video recording/playback/periodic deletion:Yes

Arc start detection and automatic recording:Yes

Priming, filling, cover welding:Automatic identification

Residual height, melting width:Real-time prediction(>4times/sec)

penetration depth, defects                                

Logical triggering:Yes

Type of weld:TIG welding, gas welding, etc

External light source:No

Communication interface:USB3/RJ45


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